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Fenner now opens his private home studio for DJ or music production lessons. Get in touch using the register form below!

Courses are given in English and or Korean!

home studio.

Learn to DJ and make music at your own pace in a comfy and relax home studio environment.

DJ Equipment

DJM 800 / CDJ2000 NXS / GENELEC 8030

Music Production Equipment

Abelton Live 11 / Genelec 8341 / Prism Atlas Soundcard / Axiom25 Keyboard

dj & music production courses.


Beginner Course (1 month)

This a fun course with a low stress balance of theory and practical missions. The course aims to cover all the basics over the period of one month. You will complete the course feeling like you really understand what those megastar DJs are doing when they are on stage twisting those knobs.

Music & You

  • What makes you want to learn DJ?
  • What styles of music do you like? (genres, producers, singers, record labels, etc.)
  • Do you have a DJ name you like?

Basic Concepts

  • Equipment, Fundamental Controls and Setup
  • Knowing your music: Intros and Outros / favorite part of the track / genre, music formats etc 
  • Tempo, Time signatures and Track structure
  • Selecting the next track: music style, bpm, mix style
  • Long ‘house’ mixing vs. Short ‘hip-hop cut’ mixing
  • Scratching basics vs. playing the guitar
  • How to ‘Cue’ a track
  • Cross fader and Up-Fader
  • EQ and Filtering & Effects: Visuals demo using spectrum analyzer
  • Where to buy/sell music

Intermediate Course (1-3 months)

This course aims to give a student who is serious about DJing an in-depth understanding of all the skills necessary to make and practice their own mix set ready for a professional environment.

  • Teach and practice all the basic concepts from the beginner course
  • Advanced concepts: mixing in key, advanced effects, loops, microphone
  • Planning a 1x hour mix set
  • Practicing your 1x hour mix set: alone or with help
  • Mix set feedback
  • Hardware and recording software=
  • Recording a one hour mix set: alone or with help
  • Mix set feedback
  • Help choosing your own equipment
  • Professionalism: goals, branding, performance, promotion

Scratching Course (1-2 months)

This course is very hands with 100% of the class being 1:1 practical lessons. Scratching is quite easy to learn basic patterns but very difficult to master the advanced patterns so the speed in which you progress through this course will be entirely based on how quickly you as an individual learn and master the techniques. As a DJ I found learning to scratch the most highly challenging and highly rewarding aspect of DJ, you might too!

  • DJ Equipment & Sound Manipulation
  • Basic Techniques demonstration
  • Basic Techniques Practice Exercises
  • Intermediate Techniques demonstration
  • Intermediate Techniques Practice Exercises
  • Advanced Techniques demonstration
  • Advanced Techniques Practice Exercises
Music Production

Music Production Course (1-2 months)

This course is aimed at people who want to learn how to make music for fun, or at a semi-professional level. Covering everything for:

  • Explanation of music production basics (using Ablelton software)
  • Elements of a track and frequencies ranges: kick, bass, instruments, vocals, fx, etc.
  • Samples, VST’s, Midi, Recording
  • Creating Mashups vs. Originals
  • Make your own music


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Courses can be reserved in monthly blocks. Lesson timetable is flexible to suit your schedule.


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