tv appearances.

Take a look at some of Fenner’s appearances on television.

JTBC - 아는형님

Live recording of my track '복을발로차버렸어' with Korean celebrity '강호동' and '홍진영'.

MBC Every1 - 때한외국인

Korean game show with '김용만' and '박명수'. Korean music and celebrity singers edition.

Kakao M - Melon Music Awards

Live performance of my '따르릉' remix with '홍진영' & '김영철'.

tvN - 잉여공주

DJed the nightclub scene for a popular Korean drama called '잉여공주' with 해일리, 송재림, 진희경.

KBS - 불후의명곡

Live DJ scratching for 홍진영 celebrity music competion.

FashionN - 매일 불금

Appeared as celebrity DJ for this reality TV show with 김풍, 김규종, 양세찬, 이진이, 베니.

SBS Plus - Must Eat

Cooking and eat Korean food with 딘딘.

KBS - 민요 살리기 프로잭트

Host MC and DJ live performance with Korea's oldest traditional music 'Minyo' singers.

tvN - 겜샘술집

Live drinking games with co-hosts 샘오취리, 로빈, 럭키, 벤지, 블레러, 매튜.

SBS - 지국에서 반쪽찾기

Korean dating game.

Dingo - 콘서트 리뷰 (The Weeknd)

Doing a review with 매튜 for the 'The Weeknds' live show in Korea.

Arirang - Bring It On

International game show presenting something of English heritage, Bath Spa's.


  • Dry Finish – ‘Electric Run’ promotion video
  • ACS Ear Plugs – hearing safe documentary
  • LG – DJ Music band worldwide HD TV promotion
  • Samsung – new product launch

Radio Shows

  • TBS eFM – Uncoded with Aanacod
  • TBS eFM – Amy in The Morning with Amy Aleha

Korean Traditional Music Projects

‘FIVE-PANSORI with FENNER’ is a project I did with the Korean government remixing five pieces of traditional Korean music into Electronic music. (Electro, Bigroom Dubstep, Acid Techno, Hardstyle)

SM Town Music Video for Shinee

DJ’ed in the official ‘Crazy’ music video for the late ‘Jonghyun’ of Korean Kpop band ‘Shinee’.

LG Advertisment - Cymatic Jazz

A video I featured in which was used in LG stores worldwide for promoting their new super HD TV.

KBS TV Show - 'Saving Korean Traditional Music' Project

In collaboration with ‘KBS – 민요 살리기 프로잭트’. Probably the trippiest video I have ever been involved in here in Korea. 

Arirang (Fenner Remix) live at Yeouido Fireworks Festival 2022

Headlining Korea’s biggest national festivals and playing my new remix of one of Koreas most treasured traditional song ‘Arirang’ for the first time.

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